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ECS Learning Systems, Inc. is looking for writers to contribute reading passages and math problems for curriculum material. Items needed include—

Reading Passages
suitable for grades 2-12

fiction (including multicultural), nonfiction (including multicultural), cross-curriculum

Mathematics Problems
suitable for grades 2-12

concepts, operations, problem solving

Guidelines for Submission

  • Submissions may include a variety of genre (see descriptions at the bottom of this page)
  • All submissions must be grade/age appropriate in content. Prior to submitting a manuscript, the writer will confer with an editor from ECS Learning Systems, Inc. regarding the company’s current content needs.
  • All submissions must be grade/age appropriate in length (see below).

Grades 2/3

200-400 words

Grades 4/5

400-600 words

Grades 6-8

600-800 words

Grades 9+

800-1,000 words


Note: There may be exceptions to the suggested word counts (e.g., poetry). Writer should consult with an editor for direction and approval before submitting a manuscript that does not meet the suggested word count.

  • All submissions must meet the customary standards of effective writing (e.g., clarity, correctness).
  • Submissions should reflect a positive and “upbeat” tone.
  • Submissions should be free of bias and inappropriate/offensive (e.g., vulgar, sexist) language.
  • Submissions should be made via CD, with manuscript(s) saved in text-only format.
  • Submission should include one (1) hard copy of manuscript(s), along with the author’s contact information. Each hard copy should include a word count and suggested grade level.

Accepted Manuscripts

  • Upon acceptance of his/her manuscript(s), the writer will receive a contract from ECS Learning Systems, Inc.
  • Payment is made on a predetermined per-word basis. The writer receives full payment after returning the signed contract to ECS Learning Systems, Inc.
  • Upon acceptance and payment, the manuscript becomes the sole property of ECS Learning Systems, Inc.

Note: Promising manuscripts may be returned to the author for revision. After revising, the author may re-submit the manuscript for further consideration.

We must request only a single submission of your manuscript and résumé.

No phone calls or status inquiries please.
Submit writing samples of passages and/or math problems along with a current résumé by

  • fax: 830.438.4263
  • post-mail: Lori Mammen, Editorial Director, ECS Learning Systems, Inc., P.O. Box 440, Bulverde, TX 78163 -0440
  • e-mail: Editors

For further information, contact Editorial Director Lori Mammen at the above address.

ECS Learning Systems, Inc. and Novel Units, Inc. are equal opportunity employers.

Appropriate Genre for Reading Passages

Stories of individuals who have made a positive contribution to their community/world; emphasis on individuals who represent various cultures/parts of the world; subjects should be seen as positive role models

Clear, informative pieces that teach students how to complete a particular process; emphasis on practical activities that will interest students; may include graphs, charts, and diagrams when appropriate

Personal reflections on both the mundane events of daily life and current/past social issues; emphasis on conversational tone and age-appropriateness; humorous selections encouraged

Engaging stories that reflect the interests and concerns of students; emphasis on well-crafted stories that include plot, characterization, etc.; may include retelling of folk tales, myths, etc.

Informative, interesting selections that present accurate information about the topography, vegetation, wildlife, climate, natural resources, etc., of various regions of the world; emphasis on selections that give a complete picture of an area; may include graphs, charts, and diagrams when appropriate

Informative, interesting selections that describe and explain key events from the past; emphasis on material that leads students to a deeper understanding of different people from different parts of the world; may include graphs, charts, and diagrams when appropriate

Human Interest
Informative, positive selections that focus on the achievements and interests of every-day people; emphasis on overcoming obstacles, reaching important goals, contributing to the community, etc.

Engaging poems that will interest and entertain young readers; emphasis on use of poetic devices (e.g., imagery, rhythm, onomatopoeia, simile, metaphor)

Informative, interesting selections from any branch of science; emphasis on material that will engage students in scientific thinking and/or encourage future investigation of ideas; may include graphs, charts, and diagrams when appropriate


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